Trading Tools

Manage your positions from anywhere and use our seamless integration with IRESS and order management execution system for a competitive advantage in uncertain markets.

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Professional Algorithms

Customise your algorithm ideas with simple to use flow charts and improve your execution with our existing algorithms. Manage your positions remotely from anywhere with our order management execution system.

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Retail Algorithms

Use Cannon's off the shelf Algorightms for better order entry into the market. Our smart order routing system combined with low cost execution will save you time and money.

Be notified via sms or email when your algorithm has started and completed trading.
Watch our step by step tutorials on how we've made algorithms available to all traders.

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Live Vetting

Our vetting order management system will allow monitoring of your clients' live cash positions, filled and unfilled orders plus all current available stocks to short in alphabetical order.

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APIs Development

Cannon Trading develops and supports all trading API's and integrates with many external API's for you to trade on the ASX.

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Sentiment Analysis

Have a large document to read on for a latest stock announcement?
Use our document summariser.

Want to know how the market will respond to an announcement?
Use our sentiment analyser.

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About Cannon Trading

FinTech start up with a focus on providing Algorithmic trading, API development/support and autonomous advice.

The Cannon Trading team has over 15 years of experience in portfolio trading and day trading.

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Cannon Trading Partners